Summer Program

"A La Vanille" is happy to offer an exciting Summer program running for 6 weeks from 08 Jul-16 Aug. Summer camp is open Monday through Friday, 08:30 till 16:45. Children will enjoy discovering culturally relevant themes to expound on the learning-through-fun environment. As in years past, campers will play outdoors in the water, work in the vegetable garden and create art and craft projects based on our Multicultural themes, all in natural French language immersion environment. Children will be split up into groups, so that they participate in age-appropriate activities.

All 6 weeks of summer camp will include age-appropriate multi-cultural activities based on French-speaking countries such as Africa, Canada and France. Such activities include cooking, learning dances and songs and creating art projects to bring home. Parents are encouraged to provide a disposable camera for children to get some pictures of the fun. To sign up for some or all of the weeks, please hit the button at the bottom of the page.


Students will learn about how maple syrup comes from trees. They will get to enjoy eating some maple crepes and also have a wonderful lunch of authentic Canadian Poutine, which the children learn to assemble themselves.


Children will make art projects based on African animals and sing and dance to Franco-African music. We will make and eat a kid-friendly version of the famous African staple called Fufu, which children get to eat with their hand. (sorry parents!) As every summer, we read charming French-language children's books from Africa.


All campers will participate in creating a giant Eiffel Tower for our display board and also make a smaller version to bring home. We will sit at a Parisian cafe where children must each order their lunch from a grumpy, French waiter. Like every summer, freshly baked chocolate croissants will be on the menu!

North Africa

The past couple of years we took our regular French ratatouille to a new level with the Moroccan version called "Chakchouka". Children (and teachers) love this flavorful healthy meal and we will enjoy it again over summer. Campers will learn to roll the cous cous grains between hands, just like in an authentic North African kitchen. These tactile activities teach children about other cultures, but also have a good effect on their cognitive development and future interest in scientific processes. Please send a disposable camera so we can take a shot of the fun!

Weekly Schedule and Fees

Weeks open:

  • 08 Jul - 12 Jul
  • 15 Jul - 19 Jul
  • 22 Jul - 26 Jul
  • 29 Jul - 02 Aug
  • 05 Aug - 09 Aug
  • 12 Aug - 16 Aug

08:30-16:45 Monday through Friday

  • Sign-up for 5 days: $490
  • Sign-up for 4 days: $395
  • Sign-up for 3 days: $300
  • Sign-up for 2 days: $205

Families who have previously attended ALV or those on the waiting list may apply online by hitting the button below.

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