Application Process

Parents interested in getting their child on the waiting list make an appointment to visit ALV and fill in the form, preferably by the time the child is one-year-old. If your child is older, no worries, you may still get them on the waiting list, but it's a small program and space is limited. As we learn of spaces that will become available, we will contact you to see if you're interested in enrolling. You may be contacted in the middle of the school year if a student has moved away and there is a space to be filled. If you're not able to enroll your child at that time, you do not lose the spot. You'll be contacted again in the future if another spot opens up. Enrollment starts in April for the following September. Your child may be invited to attend a trial day in July before a September enrollment. This is not a test day, as many children experience separation anxiety on their first day. This is a trial for the teachers to assess the character of the child, and for the parents to determine if this may be a good fit for their child. It is for the children to "get their feet wet" so to speak.

Next step

There is a 4-week trial period after enrollment begins. If, for any reason, either parent or provider determines it would be best not to enroll the child, the contract ends within that 4-week period. After that, parents must give 4-weeks notice to end the contract. There is no charge for the waiting list, and no obligations. Please see schedule page for investment information. Please email or call 415-816-2235 if you're interested in setting up a visit to "A La Vanille".