What we eat

Eating together is an important part of the ALV family, as it is in any family. It would be easier for children to bring their own lunch from home, but we feel that would be a lost opportunity for children to enjoy the added culture of child-appropriate French cuisine, as a group. We adapt the menu for children who have dietary restrictions. We've found children may readily try new foods when they are presented to them with their peers. Children are encouraged to try everything, but no one is ever forced to eat something, and food is never used as a bribe. The cuisine served is tested and truly child-friendly gourmet. It will also be easier to feed your children on your next trip to Europe! This is what's for lunch:

Cous-Cous: whole wheat durum grains seasoned with butter. With

  • Garbanzo beans, carrots, cabbage and chicken cooked in mild Marrocain spices
  • Cucumber slices
  • Yogurt with Lavender honey for dessert

Croque Monsieur: Turkey-ham and Swiss cheese sandwich baked in a homemade béchamel sauce, served warm

  • shredded celery root salad with remoulade dressing
  • applesauce for dessert

Hachis Parmentier: This is a baked bistro dish made with ground turkey, topped with mashed potatoes, and gratine in the oven

  • Caesar salad
  • fresh fruit for dessert

Vichyssoisse: A creamy, blended leek/potato soup made in chicken stock and finished with real creme fraiche.

  • Served with baguette, and finger-sized chunks of emmental, goat gouda and brie cheeses.
  • Applesauce for dessert

Other menu items include:

  • meat and cheese paninis (no pork or beef)
  • homemade quiche
  • homemade crepes (a favorite!)
  • pasta and gnocchi with pesto and tomato-based sauces

A Mid-morning snack is served each day: Two types of fresh fruit and crackers, toast or dry cheerios and raisins. Children have their snack and meal with water and may drink throughout the day. Children may have a cup of milk before or after quiet time. Fruit juices or drinks and store-bought sweets are not served.